SCITEC NUTRITIONOne of the leading manufacturers of sports supplements

Founded in 1996, Scitec Nutrition has been a global leader in Sports Nutrition Supplements for over 20 years. We are a brand founded on state-of-the-art European engineering and have built a legacy synonymous with Innovation, Quality and Performance.

We are proud of our Hungarian heritage and premium product portfolio and remain dedicated in fulfilling our customers’ Pre-workout, Intra-workout and Post-workout sports nutrition needs for optimum performance and health. All of our products are scientifically formulated to deliver efficacious doses with benefits scientifically proven by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and authorized by the European Commission (EC).

So whether it’s training to get bigger, to move faster or to push the limits of human potential – Scitec Nutrition delivers on trusted results every time. NO compromises. BEST ingredients. BEASTLY results.
ONLY with Scitec Nutrition.

Scitec Hot Blood

When you train or are engaged in physical activity and you reach a certain intensity, your body and blood “heat up” so you can work more efficiently. Our HOT BLOOD complex pre-workout formula is carefully designed to support your body in physical activity, especially during high-intensity training.
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Scitec Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic amino acid that occurs in vertebrates. Approximately 95% of the Creatine in the body is located in skeletal muscle. It helps to supply energy to all cells, primarily muscle, by increasing the formation of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) which acts as a cell energy reserve for muscle contractions.
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Scitec Superhero

SUPERHERO is SCITEC’s advanced pre-workout in our professional line. With high quality patented actives, SUPERHERO is our top formula you need to try! SABEET™ beetroot is a nitrate source used for Nitric Oxide boosting. Paired with pure L-Citrulline, which is also an Arginine and Nitric Oxide booster, the results are epic!
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Scitec 100% Whey Isolate

Scitec’s 100% Whey Isolate is an excellent quality protein from whey isolate and fortified with even faster-absorbing whey protein hydrolysate. This formula is our lowest carbohydrate whey protein and produced specifically to have a lower sugar (including lactose) and fat content than whey concentrate.
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Scitec Whey Protein Professional

100% Whey Protein Professional is an excellent quality whey protein blend with whey concentrate and whey isolate. Dietary proteins are the source of nitrogen and essential amino acids, which the body requires for tissue growth and maintenance.
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Scitec Crea Star

Our unique CREA STAR increases energy availability in your muscles with its great Creatine content. Creatine has been scientifically proven to increase performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise like weight training and interval cardio.
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Scitec Jumbo

People tend to overestimate their actual nutrient consumption when trying to gain muscle and brawn. In other words, they eat less than they think and they need for steady and significant progress.
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Scitec T/GH

T/GH represents a new generation in the product category. It provides complex Testosterone, growth and performance optimization support with 12 select ingredients!
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Scitec Intra Edge

Our INTRA EDGE intra-workout formula is based on the patented Cluster Dextrin® branded highly branched cyclic dextrin carbohydrate, which is a type of dextrin that is produced from amylopectin.
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